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Physical Therapy salary can affect physical therapists and patients in many ways.

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But before you do, remember that there are some highly respected and exceptional home care PT’s out there. Some however take advantage of the little supervision that home care can provide for the work that they do. The few bad apples out there have made it tough for those who deliver quality care to each of their patients.

Many patients feel that things are “all in their heads.” Listen to your gut… poor quality physical therapy can make or break the only life you have to look forward to. Your care could mean the difference between ability and disability. The more you know, the better your rehab could be.

our pay – patient care – does it matter?

Discover the four ways that home health care physical therapists get paid and how each pay structure could affect your care. This e-book shows you how to get the quality home physical therapy you deserve and need–without being cheated.

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