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10 Things to Expect
From Your Home Health
Physical Therapist

Did you see the new billboard about what to expect from your home care PT?  Neither did I!  But, you’ll never know just how these visits should go if no one tells you BEFORE hand. 

The list in this short e-book is designed to help you understand what you should be able to reasonably expect from your home care physical therapist. This limited guide will give you a beter idea of how your PT visits should flow, what they should consist of and when to call your agency with concerns.

Due to the nature of home care, it is mostly unsupervised. This has allowed poor quality physical therapy to become an acceptable norm. To eliminate this and raise the standard, I have put together this informative e-book so you can see the  work ethic that I have followed since 1993. Expect nothing less.

I hope you can learn, enjoy and as a result, beneft 100 fold from your home care PT experience.

Remember, if you have concerns, call your agency or your state hotline number listed on your home care folder or paperwork.

This list is not all-inclusive, but I have atempted to cover the basics. Because home care is very unpredictable, circumstances sometmes seem to lower the standard. If this is a pattern, call your agency. If it is a rare occurance,  talk with your PT so you can understand what happened that day.

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