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Health Risk Profiles

Health and Safety Risk Assessment in Home Health Care

safety in knowing your risk and what to do about it.

Health and safety risk assessment is a necessary component of anyone living in this time in earth’s history.

Most often patients goals are the same: Health, Safety, Quality of Life.

One thing that physical therapists are not able to teach patients is ALL the aspects of making the rehab experience top notch! We call it “scope of practice” and it’s limited. I’ve found ways over my many home health physical therapy years to educate and teach sound health principles to follow.

We both discovered (the patient and myself) that when patients made changes in the direction of following the 8 natural laws of health, that their entire rehab experience and thus their health was dramatically improved. It’s just a great, safe way to treat the whole body, not just your physical therapy diagnosis!

You matter. Your health matters. Your dreams matter. And, no one has ever gone wrong when incorporating the 8 natural laws of health into their every day routine. If you’re not sure, ask your doctor.

These health and safety risk assessments will help you understand how to prevent or improve various diseases and what direction you need to go for improved health – that’s where the ‘safety’ comes in. When our health is good, we simply feel safer.

Treating the ENTIRE body can lead to a wonderful rehab experience of overall improved energy and health!

For less than a co-pay to the doctor (in 2021) you can secure 1 or all 7 of these helpful risk profiles and begin making baby steps with your patients and yourself today!

Remember, however, these are risk assessments… they can help prevent a disease that you or a patient are at high risk for or help improve a current disease.

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